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Classroom News – November

Posted by iateacher on November 4, 2009

Hello everyone,

OK, I admit it – I’ve done a HORRIBLE job keeping up on my blog.  I promise to try and do better.  I will begin by posting this news article.  Then from now on I will try to remember to post when student’s have assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. Also, parent teacher conference are next Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8 p.m.  I hope to see many of you there!  If you are unable to make those dates or times and want to see me please contact  me and we can set up an alternative time.  If you make it to conferences you can also get your password for the new parent portal and will be able to check you child’s grades on the web 24/7!

So, on to the news.  We are finishing up our unit on Cells, the Brain and the Eye.  In fact, we reviewed today and students will be taking the test tomorrow.  Then, beginning Monday, we will begin our next unit on Mixtures and Solutions.  This unit is one of our three FOSS kits for the year.  This means there will NOT be a book at all for this unit.  However, students are expected to keep a notebook.  I will be giving them all the handouts for the entire unit either Friday or Monday for sure.  They will put these in their three ring notebook and work on them with the class.  When they have homework they may either take home the entire notebook OR they may remove the homework page, complete it and return the assignment.  After the assignment is graded students nee to make sure it gets back into the notebook.  This way,t hey have a complete notebook that they may take home at any time to study for quizzes and the unit test.

Speaking of tests, we are piloting a new assessment system along with FOSS this year.  It is know as the “Benchmark Assessments” and will consist of a “Survey” when we being the unit.  This is what you may know as a pre-test.  It will NOT be graded, but will serve as a road map for me.  I will be able to find out what students already know and what  items I need to spend a little more time on. I will also be giving some assignments that will not be graded, but are known as “Formative Assessments”.  The purpose of these is to “inform” the student and myself of how they are progressing.  So, don’t be surprised if students come home with pages in their notebook that have just  a check mark that they were looked at or that students helped “grade” themselves by marking in different colors what they got correct, almost correct, or didn’t have on their paper at all.  It is my hope that by doing frequent “formative assessments” that students will learn more and become more responsible for their own learning.

Well, that about sums up what’s going on this month in Mr. Yerington’s Room.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me!!


Mr. Yerington

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