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New Addition to Blogroll…

Posted by iateacher on September 26, 2007

My newest addition to my blogroll is a link for all of you to jump right to our online textbook login.  It’s called Prentice Hall Success Net and I hope having it right there on the blogroll will help — that way you don’t have to type it in!


Mr. Yerington

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Two Additions to Blogroll

Posted by iateacher on April 9, 2007

For those who haven’t noticed I made two additions to my blogroll (list of links to other pages) They are:

1)  Living Lands and Waters — this is the group that cleans up rivers in the United States.  You can find out more about them and their group.  If you click on “Cleanups” at the top of the page and then “Stats of River” you can find a whole list of things that Living Lands and Waters have removed from the rivers!

2)  The Gateway Arch web site — you can find out all kinds of facts about the arch and how it was built.  You can also order tickets online if you are planning a trip there.  I HIGHLY recommend that you do this if you plan to visit — otherwise you may not get in as they could sell out like they did when I was there!!

Enjoy the new links!

Mr. Yerington

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Check out

Posted by iateacher on November 6, 2006


 Check out — it has all kinds of fun multi-media games, videos, etc. over all the FOSS kits.  We are currently using the Brain and Senses course, but you can explore all of them! 

You do need a username and password   — use the username media and the password fossuser06


Mr. Yerington

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