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Posted by iateacher on October 23, 2006

Wow, I guess it’s been about a month since I posted my last article for news, so I better get on it!!


We continue our study of the human brain and senses.  The pig eye dissection really seemed to be a hit with most of the students.  I think they learned a lot more from this hands on activity than just hearing me drone on about the parts of the eye!  We will now go into lenses and how they can correct vision.  From there we study the retina and how it sends image signals to the brain to be processed.  This, of corse, leads us into the brain and how it handles the millions of signals sent to it every second!!  At some point during the brain investigations we will do one more dissection, this time of a pig BRAIN.   This generally is another activity enjoyed by most students!

 We will be on the brain and senses for quite awhile yet.  I’m thinking at this point it will take us up until Winter Break – perhaps a bit longer depending on how we progress.


In social studies we are still focusing on the United States and Canada.  Currently we are studying the history of both countries.  After this chapter there will be a research project and writing assignment over a famous Canadian.  This project will be completed with the help of TWO teachers.  I will be coordinating the research aspect and Mrs. Bertotti will handle the writing part. 

After studying history we will get into Cultures of the United States and Canada and then end by exploring three Canadian provinces.

Questions?  E-mail me or call anytime!

Mr. Yerington

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Geo-Theme for Week Beginning 10/16/06

Posted by iateacher on October 16, 2006

Both social studies classes will be given a Geo-Theme (#11-12) today.  This will be due THURSDAY for period 2 and FRIDAY for period 8.  2nd period has an earlier due date because we have a visiting illustrator on Friday and I will not see period 2.  This is kind of what happened a couple of weeks ago with period 8 when they went to Fall Fun Day.  As I told 2nd period — it all evens out!!


Mr. Yerington

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Upcoming Science Activity

Posted by iateacher on October 12, 2006


Just want everyone to be aware of an activity that will be taking place in science next week. Since we are studying the brain and senses in this unit we are going to be looking at eyes. One activity the kit calls for is an eye dissection. Through the cooperation of Tyson Foods we will be able to obtain fresh pig eyes for this activity. We will do this next Wednesday and Thursday. (Wednesday will be simply observing the outer structures and then Thursday the actual dissection)

I know that some students can be “squemish” when it comes to doing something like this. However, let me just say that students are not required to touch the eye. If they do not want to do so, I will pair them with someone who is willing to do so. I do however ask that they take a look at it and learn from the experience. It is one thing to talk about the parts of an eye, but quite another to actually get to SEE the parts and how they all fit together and help us see.

With that said, if you are totally against your child participating please have them bring me a note and they can go to the library and view a CD ROM containing footage of a cow eye dissection instead. There will be no penalty on their grade for the alternative assignment, but I would really like students to give it a try.


Mr. Yerington

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UPDATE: Grade Updates on Web May Be Limited

Posted by iateacher on October 11, 2006

Hi everyone,

Bad news — my home computer is acting up.  I usually post updated grades from home due to time constraints at school.  Therefore, until I can figure out what’s going on with my computer grade updates may be a little more limited.  I DID download an FTP client for use at school, the problem will be learning to use it and finding the time to post grades at school.  I will do what I can.  In the meantime, if you need an updated progress report feel free to e-mail me and I will send one via e-mail.

 HOPEFULLY I can get things back to normal very soon!!

Mr. Yerington

 UPDATE:  Thankfully I discovered my problem was something minor and was able to get my home computer up and running last night, so grade postings will resume as normal.  I will post new ones either tonight or sometime over the weekend to reflect the social studies test.  (Hmm, maybe I’ll post tonight AND this weekend!!!)


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Geo-Theme for Social Studies Classes

Posted by iateacher on October 9, 2006

Both social studies classes received Geo-Theme #9-10 today. This will be due FRIDAY, October 13.

PLEASE encourage your child to slow down and READ CAREFULLY!! I have students making many simple mistakes that they shouldn’t! Mistakes such as listing cities and states when asked to list countries, writing “Yes” when asked if a city is larger or smaller than another, etc. Geo-Themes have quite a few points and most of the answers are right in the atlas.


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UPDATE: Upcoming Quiz and Test Dates for Social Studies

Posted by iateacher on October 4, 2006


Just letting everyone know of some upcoming dates in social studies.  I  know some students do better when they have plenty of notice so I decided to make that happen!

  •  Friday there will be a CHAPTER 1 TEST.  We are working on the last section of Chapter 1 currently
  • October 18 there will be a CANADA MAP QUIZ (Version B)


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Geo-Theme for Social Studies Classes

Posted by iateacher on October 2, 2006

The Geo-Theme for my social studies classes listed on the assignment page WAS handed out today. It is Geo-Theme #7-8 and will be due FRIDAY for period 2 and THURSDAY for period 8. Why the different due dates you may ask. Due to 7th grade Fall Fun Day! This event is held annually and is a way for the 7th grade class to bring in some money for their field trips (such as the ski trip that they take). The sixth grade teachers have decided that we will take our 7th period classes out to the Fun Day and have them out until it is over. Therefore, I wil not see my 8th period class on Friday at all.

As I told my 8th hour students — I’m sure that at some point in the year there will be something going on in the morning and my 2nd period class will have to have their assignment turned in a day early! Everything all works out!


Mr. Yerington

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