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Classroom News – March

Posted by iateacher on March 20, 2012

Hello parents, guardians and students

Once again, I find myself behind on updating the web log.  Sorry about that.  I love this time of year when the cold grays of winter melt into the beautiful colors and warm weather of spring time!  Of course, the time change and loosing an hour of sleep always throws me off, but oh well!  Enough of that – let’s find out what’s new in Mr. Yerington’s class!

As I mentioned to some of you at parent-teacher conferences we are in our last major unit of the year.  This is over Planetary Science.  We are starting by finding out where exactly WE are located.  To that end, right now, as I type this post my students are drawing maps of West Middle School.  Tomorrow we will view Google Earth images of West.  We will keep increasing our elevation until we are viewing the whole planet – showing students how our little corner of the world is really VERY small!

From there we will talk about evidence that ancient people used to figure out that the Earth is, in fact, round and not flat as was believed for years!  Next we will discuss day and night – we’ll talk about how day and night happen, time zones and more.

Next we move into the moon.  We will be keeping a moon log in this portion of the unit.  Students will need to go outside each night and look for the moon.  They will then need to draw what it looked like so they can see the phases.  We will also talk about moon craters and will even simulate moon craters in class! Then we will label some of the more prominent craters and maria found on the moon.

Next, one of the big highlights of this unit we’ll talk about landing on the moon.  What had to be considered in order for humans to set foot on the moon?  We will view a documentary with footage and interview from the actual Apollo astronauts!

Our other “big” project in this unit will be to design and build a “rover” and show it in class.  More details will be on my blog later.

Well, that about sums up March and probably April as well!  See you next time!

Mr. Yerington

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