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Moon Logs

Posted by iateacher on April 23, 2009

Attention Parents and Guardians:

For the next month or so students in my science class will have a long-term assignment.  They will be observing the moon every night.  They must do this each evening, even on the weekends!  I have suggested that they leave the actual moon log at school in their notebooks and draw the moon on a separate sheet of paper because they will NOT be given an extra moon log if they loose theirs. 

Please allow your child to either go outside each evening or look out the window and view the moon.  If there is a cloudy day or a day that they do not have time to observe we will be keeping a class log as well. 


Mr. Yerington

4 Responses to “Moon Logs”

  1. aneesa alexander (tacoma washington) said

    hi my name is aneesa Im in the 6th grade @jason lee middle school in tacoma washington

    i googled moon logs because this is what weve been doing in our foss science assignment working wiht planatery science

    i was sick but am kinda behing because the moon was hard to see in tacoma latly
    weve been working on it since may 21 09 until the 15 of june

    • iateacher said

      Hi Aneesa,

      Have you checked with your teacher to see what s/he would like you to do when you get behind? Is your teacher making a large moon log in the classroom? With my students I had the moon log displayed in the classroom so that if the moon was not visible or a student was simply too busy to get a look at it they could make up the work. There ARE web sites that you can find the moon data on, but again, I encourage you to check with your teacher first, as they may consider this “cheating” and it could affect your grade. In fact, FOSS has a very nice Lunar Calendar that I told my students about because I was focusing on having them make some sort of effort to get it filled out and going to the web site would still be an effort and they would still have to draw it on the moon log.

      I hope it works out for you.

      Mr. Yerington
      6th Grade Science
      West Middle School
      Muscatine, Iowa

  2. Tom Keith said

    Mr. Yerington;

    Stumbled upon your assignment. I did similar moonwatch activity for many years as an 8th grade science teacher. One suggestion:
    Do your moonwatch activity in the fall. The skies are generally a lot clearer. At least that is the case in the Northeast. If you would like a copy of the moonwatch packet I used with the students, let me know.

    Tom Keith
    Cape Cod

    • iateacher said

      Hi Tom

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, we found out this year that there were quite a few days the students couldn’t see the moon. I would like to do it on the fall, but I am using a FOSS kit and we choose to do the Planetary Science kit in the spring because it is a 6-8 grade kit. We have two others we do that are 4-6 grade kits so we wanted to begin with those and get the students used to doing the kits and what their jobs are, etc. I would love to see the packet you used – perhaps there will be things I want to use from it as well! Thanks!

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