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This page lets you get acquainted with Mr. Yerington.

Mr. YeringtonMr. Yerington has been working at West Middle School for eight years.  Before that he was a substitute teacher for three years, so you could say he has been working with the Muscatine School District for a total of eleven years.  Mr. Yerington also has been an employee of the local Salvation Army (at their summer day camp) for 22 years.

Mr. Yerington is a self-described “Techno-Geek” who enjoys designing web pages, writing in this blog, and all collecting all sorts of technical “toys”.  Other hobbies include reading, and spending time with his nephew!

4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Deborah Fisher said

    I am a pre-service teacher studying to be an Earth and Space Science teacher. I am doing research for an assignment on writing a unit test for a topic. Science is my love and I just found your website. May I use your ideas in my own assessment to turn in? It will not actually be used by students only seen by my professor, myself and possibly my classmates. I am also working on an alternative assessment.
    I love the look of you website and hope that mine will be so good when I get mine up. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Debbie Fisher

  2. iateacher said

    Glad you like it Debbie. I have responded to your other question at your e-mail address you provided when you commented!


    • Gabrielle Varnell said

      Mr.Yerington, I just wanted to say thank you for making science funner and easier for me. I really find the lesson plans VERY interesting!!!!Thank You again! P.S. I hope that you have a very nice Easter!!!

  3. iateacher said

    Thanks Gabby! I’m glad you enjoyed my class and had fun!

    Mr. Yerington

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