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Day Three of the NSTC

Posted by iateacher on March 31, 2007

I totally cannot believe that this is day three and that tomorrow we will be heading back to Muscatine. It will be nice to see my family, but I have had SO much fun here in St. Louis. I don’t know if anyone from GPC will be reading my blog, but since they helped sponser this trip I want everyone to know that I appreciate it!! Thanks GPC!! I have learned so much these few days and I’m ready to try some new things in class when I return.

Now, on to my activites today. I started off the day at a “Share-A-Thon” which is basically a bunch of teachers from all over who share one of their favorite lessons. At this one, each teacher gave a brief run-down of their lesson and then we got to take home a CD containing the lesson as well as any templates we might need in order to do the lesson. It was pretty cool.

From there I went to a class on using online resources. Again, great class. Some of what the instructors talked about I already do like posting assignments and grades, and using a blog. They also use discussion forums, online chats, and podcasting. I am going to have to check out some of the software they had and see if I can add more stuff to my own web site.

Next I had a class that really wasn’t as good so we won’t go into details! ūüôā I then attended “Physical Science ‘Quickies'” which was several teachers presenting some very quick physical science demonstrations. Again, something I may have to try.

It stormed pretty good here so we ate at one of the restaurants right here in our hotel so we didn’t have to get wet!!

Well, that sums up my day — tomorrow’s post will be quite a bit shorter since I will only be taking two sessions before we had for home!

Mr. Yerington

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Day Two of the NSTC

Posted by iateacher on March 30, 2007

Here’s the lowdown on what I’ve been up to today. I began the day by going to the America’s Center for a keynote speaker that I think you may have heard of. Some guy by the name of BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!!! Yep, you read that right — Bill Nye was here in person! He is SO funny — he kept us in stitches the entire two hours. I even got my picture taken with him after his talk. Just as soon as I figure out why my pictures aren’t posting and get it fixed I will get that up!

Bill¬†Nye!!It’s BILL NYE!!!

Bill Nye and Mr.¬†YLook, it’s Bill Nye and Mr. Y! Hey, that has a nice ring to it!!

My next stop was a short session on teaching plate tectonics. Got a nice piece of evaluation software that will work for 45 days. From there I went to the middle level luncheon and enjoyed a great meal — won a book in the door prize giveaway.

After lunch I went to the a social hour for new members of the NSTA that went by really fast. From there I took in a class on Black Holes that was pretty good.

Almost forgot — on my way to one of my sessions I ran into Curious George so, since my nephew loves him, I had my picture taken with him too!

Curious George and Mr. Yerington

Now I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel waiting for the rest of the group so I can figure out where supper will be tonight!

More tomorrow!!!!

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Day One of the National Science Teacher’s Conference

Posted by iateacher on March 30, 2007

Hi parents and students

I thought I would fill you in on what’s been going on here at the NSTA Convention in St. Louis, Missouri!

Today, Mrs. Martinez and I along with two teachers from Central Middle School all went on a course entitled “Up the Mississippi River.” I have to tell you, the word AWESOME does not begin to decribe what it was like!! We learned a lot about the history and ecology of the river, got to get “up close and personal” with some BIG fish, and we even got to enter the lock and dam here! It was great. I have some pictures for your viewing pleasure! The course was put on by Living Lands and Water which was founded by Chad Pregracke from the Quad Cities area. I’ve added a link to his web site in my blogroll so be sure to check it out. It will tell you a whole list of things Chad and his crews have pulled out of the river! Pretty amazing stuff!

Well, I was GOING to post pictures, but something is wrong with my blog and they come up as little squares with question marks inside!! Rather pointless I guess. So, until I hear back from my blog provider the pictures are out. Sorry!! ūüė¶

OK, here are the pictures — finally!!

Tammy BeckerThis is Tammy Becker from Living Lands and Waters talking to all of us.

PaddlefishThis is a big paddlefish that came right out of the Mississipi River

Pelicansand this is a BIG groups of pelicans flying around the lock we went into

Big CarpHere we have a HUGE (80+ POUND) Carp that was pulled out of the water the day before we went on this tour

Mrs. Martinez and Mr. Yeringtonand here is Mr. Yerington and Mrs. Martinez on the boat!

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Planet Quiz and Unit Test: Space

Posted by iateacher on March 26, 2007

My students have a quiz and a test coming up this week.  Read on for the details!


Students will be taking the Planet quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) — they filled out a planet fact table over the last couple of weeks and should have highlighted all the important facts from that table.¬† In case they forgot what to highlight the following items will be on the test:

  • Mercury — size and orbital period
  • Venus — named for what?
  • Mars — named for what and it’s nickname
  • Jupiter — size and what the great red spot is
  • Saturn — what the rings are made of
  • Uranus — what it’s atmosphere is made of
  • Neptune — named for what

Finally, students need to be able to name the planets IN ORDER from the sun


The unit test over space will be Thursday, March 29.  Students should study the following:

  • ALL vocabulary words in their “My Space Vocabualary Booklet”¬† (There are 23)
  • Why was the measurement for an AU chosen
  • How long it takes for light from a certain star to reach Earth (Light Years)
  • Constellations
  • Star magnitudes (which is the brightest)
  • Star life cycles
  • The name of our galaxy
  • Shapes of other galaxies

 Students will also have to list three other facts they learned that are NOT on my test.


Mr. Yerington

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Geo-Theme #43-44

Posted by iateacher on March 26, 2007

Good day!

Students in both social studies classes will receive Geo-Theme #43-44 today — this is due FRIDAY!


Mr. Yerington

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ALL late work due tomorrow!

Posted by iateacher on March 19, 2007

Students have been informed that ALL their late or missing work is due TOMORROW by 3:05.  I need to get my grades done and exported to the office before I leave on Friday.  Please encourage your child to take care of anything they may have missing.


Mr. Yerington

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Geo-Theme #41-42

Posted by iateacher on March 19, 2007

Good Morning

Both of my social studies classes will receive Geo-Them #41-42 today — this is due Friday and will be the first grade for the last quarter of school!!

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Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

Posted by iateacher on March 12, 2007

Hello all,


For those of you who might be free on Monday, March 26 — I will be available from about 2:30-4:30 for conferences also.¬† I had to check with Mr.¬†Lawrence to see if this was OK and he said¬†it would be.¬†¬†The students leave at¬†2:05 since it is Monday so I¬†can¬†take care of some of my conferences that day.¬† You may call and let me know you are coming or just stop in.¬†

Spring parent-teacher conferences are fast approaching.¬† Those of you who have had students go through West know that they work differently than those in the fall.¬† For those of you who are “new” to West let me explain.¬† There will be no appointments taken through the office for these conferences.¬† They are on a drop in basis only.¬† Also, instead of having all the teachers located in the gym, for these conferences we will all be in our individual rooms.¬†The conferences are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 29 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. both nights.¬†

¬†Thursday brings up an interesting problem for both myself and Mrs. Martinez.¬† We were both chosen to attend the National Science Teacher’s Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.¬† We will be leaving Muscatine on Wednesday, March 28.¬† So, we are asking that if possible (if you want to conference with us) you either try to catch us on Tuesday, or you may schedule your conference before we leave (anytime this month) or upon our return (which would have to be after April 8 because of Spring Break)

You may call us to schedule a time or drop in Tuesday.  We will make every effort to accomodate you and your schedule.  Also please note that you can have a conference over the phone or via e-mail if that works better for you!

Thanks so much

Mr. Yerington

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Geo-Theme #39-40

Posted by iateacher on March 12, 2007

Students in both social studies classes will receive Geo-Theme #39-40 today.  This will be due Friday, March 16.  They will have some time in class today to get started.


Mr. Yerington

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Posted by iateacher on March 8, 2007


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.¬† Shame on me!¬† I guess I should get busy.¬† First, in social studies if you read that there would be an Geo-Theme assigned on Monday that DID NOT happen.¬† I forgot.¬† Then I decided not to give it at all this week since there is no school Friday so I didn’t want the students to rush to get it done.

 In science, there is homework for the weekend unless students get it done in class today. They are to draw the life cycles of a high mass star and an average mass star.  They may check out a book at the end of the day if they need to.


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