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Welcome to Mr. Yerington’s Class

Posted by iateacher on September 4, 2012

Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students

I am FINALLY getting around to doing my first update for the school year.  About time, right!   Anyway, I think the school year is off to a great start.  I’m enjoying getting to know each of my new students and hope they are enjoying science class.  There are a few things I want parents and guardians to be aware of so let’s get to that:

1)  As indicated on my class information sheet that was sent home the first week of school, I DO NOT give extra credit.  However, I have told students that when they receive a D or F on an assignment they may re-do the assignment ONCE to improve their grade.  Please encourage your child to do this if you notice on Power School they have a low grade.

2)  I told students just today that I am implementing a classroom management system similar to our SPEAR Awards that we used to do school wide.  When I see students doing well or going “above and beyond” they will receive one or more tickets.  These may be saved and redeemed for various rewards such as a homework coupon, a pop or gum pass, the student choosing their own seat for the class period or even teaching the class for a period!  I will also be doing monthly drawings where the student who has the ticket(s) I draw may choose any ONE reward for their one matching ticket!!  I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun with this system!

Finally, what’s going on in class right now??  We have started our Introduction to Science unit.  For those of you who have had students in my class in the past we have changed this unit a bit.  It is no longer entirely book-based.  We will be doing guest speakers, a field trip to Power and Water and more hands on activities.  We will learn the basics of science through a short unit on energy.  It should be a lot of fun.

When we finish Intro to Science we will be heading into our Cells, Brain and Eye unit – of course the highlight of this unit is our brain and eye dissections!!  Watch for more about this in my next issue of classroom news!

Until then, if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me!

Thank You

Mr. Yerington

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Posted by iateacher on April 10, 2012

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

Well, here we are in April!  Amazing.  School will be over before we know it!  The main subject of this issue of Mr. Yerington’s Classroom News is to update you on two projects your child is or will be starting soon.  Those would be the moon log and the rover project.



We started our moon logs on April 5.  Students will observe the moon every night until May 6.  They simply need to go out, look for the moon and draw it on their paper.  They should also include the time they observed.  If it’s cloudy students may write “cloudy” instead of the time and we will go over what the moon looked like each day in class.  The goal here is for students to notice and learn about the phases of the moon from full to new and everything in between!



The other project we are starting is the rover project.  Some students (those in periods 2, 3, and 4) received the information today.  The rest (period 6, 7, and 8) will get it tomorrow.  Students may choose one of two projects, but I suspect “most” of them will choose the rover or probe .  If they choose this they need to build a model of a rover or probe and write a couple of paragraphs describing what planet their rover or probe will go to, what data it will collect, why they choose that planet, how the rover/probe will get their, etc.  The rover/probe may be built out of almost anything: Legos, cardboard, wood, paper, styrofoam, etc!  I am encouraging creativity.  Students will show their rover/probe to the class and talk about it.

Those students who DO NOT wish to build a rover or probe need to find a current article on the internet that deals with a space topic.  They will then write either a a newspaper article (using the who, what, where, why, and how) or a script as if they were a TV news reporter.  This will be presented to the class.

Either project is worth 50 points and will be due May 1.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at eayeringATmachlinkDOTcom


Mr. Yerington

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Classroom News – January 2012

Posted by iateacher on January 24, 2012

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

Well, once again I find myself behind on updating the blog.  Sorry about that!  I meant to do a post right after winter break and that didn’t happen!  Anyway, here’s what’s been happening and what’s coming up in Mr. Yerington’s science classroom.

We just finished up with our Levers and Pulleys projects.  I think it was a lot of fun and gave the students a chance to explore a topic they were interested.  Most of the groups did SUPER on both their project (working together in class) and their presentation.  Speaking of which, a little explanation on the grading of those projects might be in order.

First, students received a “project” grade.  This came from three areas.  a) The teacher – I kept track of how often students were “on-task” in class.  I tried to get around to each student at least three times each day.  I then gave them 5 points if they were on task every time I checked, 3 points if they were on task 2 out of 3 times and 1 point if they were on task 1 time.  Then at the end of the work time in class I figured the grades like any other.  b)  The student themselves – each student wrote down what they did to help their group and then assigned themselves a grade based on what they did.  I was very pleased because it seemed the students were VERY honest with themselves as well as me!  c)  Their group – each student also graded the other members of their group.  Again, they had to justify the grade telling me what the students did or did not do to deserve the grade.  The teacher grade, student grade and group grades were then averaged to arrive at a final grade.

Second, the students received a presentation grade.  This was based on a rubric I gave the students before we started the project.  I graded them on participation, factual content, grammar and punctuation, evidence of learning, and presentation skills.  The presentation grade was the same for each member of the group.

And now – coming up…

We will be starting mixtures and solutions next.  Students have been asked to bring their own goggles or safety glasses if possible.  There will be some available for those that do not have their own, but if students invest in a pair now they will have them all three years of middle school.  In mixtures and solutions we will be learning what mixtures and solutions are,  and how to make them and take them apart.  Then we will move into the concept of saturation and will test several chemicals to find out how soluble they are in water.  Next we’ll move into concentration and find out how concentration effects solutions.  Finally we will spend a little bit of time on chemical reactions.

That just about sums up what’s going on.  As always if you have questions or comments please let me know!


Mr. Yerington


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Classroom News – November 2011

Posted by iateacher on October 31, 2011

Parents, Guardians and Students:

Where is this school year going?  I can’t believe we are finished with the first quarter of the year and it’s November already!

First of all this month I would like to thank all of you who came to parent/teacher conferences last Tuesday and Thursday as well as our Celebration of Learning on Thursday night.  If you were unable to make it but would like to discuss your child’s progress please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail ( (Replace the AT and DOT with the actual symbols – I’m trying to avoid spam!)

Now, on to what’s going on in the classroom.  We will be finishing up our Cells, Brain and Eye unit and taking the test next WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9.  The online sample test is on my web site and ready to go!  Once we finish this unit and test over it we will start our next unit on Levers and Pulleys.  Our Levers and Pulleys unit is different because it is a FOSS Kit.  What this really means is that students will be divided into groups and will do a hands-on lab just about every day.  They will learn about the three classes of levers and how to make each, real life examples of these levers,  how to diagram levers, and the math behind levers.  Then we will talk about pulleys:  both single and double.  We will build pulley systems and measure the amount of force required and the distance the load moves.  Again we will talk about the math involved in a pulley system as well.  If there is time I would like to have the students plan, research and conduct their own project using a lever or pulley.  Watch my blog for more information!!

That about sums up what’s coming up this month.  As always feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!


Mr. Yerington

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Classroom News – October 2011

Posted by iateacher on September 30, 2011

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

I can’t believe it’s the last day of November already!  Time seems to fly.  October brings a LOT of important things in my science classroom so, let’s get to them!

First, you have probably already read this in a previous post, but we will be taking our “Introduction to Science” unit test on Friday, October 7.  The online sample test is posted on my web site and there is a list of what to study in my previous post.

Once we are done with Introduction to Science we will start our unit on Cells, the Brain and the Eye.  We will start by learning about life processes and the parts of the cell.  After this we will begin learning about the parts of the brain and how our amazing brain works.  At some point in October we will be doing our first dissection!  This will be our sheep brain.  Please be advised that students are NOT required to touch the brain, however, I would like them to take part in the dissection and at least watch if they are uncomfortable touching it.  After our dissection of the brain we will learn the part of the eye and how the eye works.  Finally, we will dissect a sheep eye as well.  The eye dissection probably won’t take place until November, but that all depends on how quickly we progress through the first part of the unit.

Another exciting thing happening is that students are earning those SPEAR awards and some of my students have enough to become “Teacher of the Class”.  When students accumulate 25 SPEAR awards they may choose to teach a class for a period.  I am very excited about having some of my students teach.  It’s proven that we remember 95% of what we teach to others so I think this is a very valuable experience.  Not only that but students learn exactly what teachers deal with day to day!  Many a student has said to me after teaching “That was HARD!”, but they also seem to have a good time with it as well.

Well, that about sums up October in Mr. Yeringtons’ class!  As always if you have any questions give me a call or shoot me an e-mail!

Mr. Yerington

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Classroom News – September 2011

Posted by iateacher on September 4, 2011

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

I can’t believe September is here already, but I can feel it in the air.  I am enjoying the cooler weather!  I was able to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows!!  Now if I could just get the neighborhood dogs to stop barking all night!

Anyway, I can’t PROMISE I will keep up on classroom news, but I am going to try to post a little something every month.  So, enjoy this first edition.

We are off to a great start in science this year.  So far most of the students are doing very well at turning in their homework!  I am hoping that continues.  We are working on our first unit which is an introduction to science.  As your child may have told you they are not allowed to take the textbooks home, but I do give them a page of notes for each section.  They can use these notes to complete the homework and stay for quizzes and the final test.

Speaking of the final test….  I’m not 100% sure when that will be yet, but I am thinking sometime by the end of this month or first of October (probably closer to the first of October since we have some Langwood days in there as well…)  I will make sure to post some information as it gets closer.

When we finish our Introduction to Science unit we will move on to Cells, the Brain and the Eye.  This is where our “famous” brain and eye dissections will take place.  More information about that in my October classroom news!

Well, that about sums up this month. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call!


Mr. Yerington

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Winter 2010

Posted by iateacher on December 26, 2010

Once again, I’ve been neglecting my blog, but I see from my stats someone is still visiting it so I thought perhaps I should get it updated a little!! When we return from Winter Break on January 3, 2011 we will spend the first few days having a little fun with Science Court: Work and Simple Machines. This is a fun way to get back into the routine of school because there will be no homework and no test!! Everything will be done in class.

After Science Court we will start our Mealworm unit. Again, a LOT of the work will be done right in class. However, students will need to bring items for some of the labs. This will be discussed with the students and hopefully posted on the blog later.

I hope you all had a great holiday season and will have an awesome 2011!

Mr. Yerington

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Posted by iateacher on November 7, 2010

Hello Parents, guardians and students:

I realized I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile, so I thought I better get on the ball.  Not only that, but there is A LOT of things coming up!!

Let’s start with this week.  On Wednesday, November 10 we will be dissecting our sheep eyes.  This activity is great for helping the students learn the parts of the eye.

Then, on Friday, November 12 we will be taking our final test over our cells, brain and eye unit.  The online practice test is already online on my web site.  Or, you can just click to access the test!

After the test we will be beginning our next unit on Levers and Pulleys. This is  FOSS Kit and has NO book.  However, students WILL be keeping a notebook that they can bring home anytime so you can see what they are working on and they can study.

We also have a very special event going on on Wednesday, November 17 and Friday, November 19.  We will be taking all of our sixth graders to see the “Springs, Sprockets and Pulleys” exhibit at the Muscatine Art Center.  We will be taking two groups each day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).  The students will be told the week of the trip what group they will be in.

Wow, that’s a lot!!  As always, if you have questions please contact me anytime!


Mr. Yerington

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Latest PowerPoints and Assignments….

Posted by iateacher on September 13, 2010

Hello Parents, guardians and students!

First of all, students received TWO assignments today.  The first was their Daily Science (#7-12) which is not due until the Friday, September 17.  The other is the worksheet over chapter 1, section 4 which is due tomorrow (September 14) The PowerPoint that covers this section is attached below!  Hope it helps!


Mr. Yerington

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New Feature – PowerPoints Online!

Posted by iateacher on August 31, 2010

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

I have had many requests for this feature, but until our inservice speaker wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen.  I am pleased to announce that, starting today, you (or your child) will be able to access ALL the PowerPoint presentations that I deliver in class.  So, if your child is absent or doesn’t get all the notes written down they can view my presentation and take notes and/or get help with their homework assignments.  I hope this helps.

Here is the first PowerPoint which covers Chapter 1, Section 1 of our Introduction to Science unit. 

I would love to have feedback from those who use this feature so please feel free to comment!


Mr. Yerington

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