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Posted by iateacher on December 19, 2008

christmastree.jpgHello Parents, Guardians and Students:

Well, now that we’ve started our winter break a day early and I didn’t get a chance to say this in school today I’ll say it here on the blog!  

I want to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY 2009!!  I hope you take time to enjoy the season and remember the REAL reason why we celebrate!

My best to all of you

Mr. Yerington

3 Responses to “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!”

  1. shoreacres said

    Believe it or not, I’ve been lurking around, keeping an eye on things and generally enjoying my peek back into the educational system.

    I can’t say we’re fully recovered from Hurricane Ike here, but things are beginning to sort themselves out, and Christmas will be better than many imagined it could be on the Texas Coast. Believe it or not, here on Galveston Bay we received 2-4 inches of snow a week ago! It isn’t anything compared to your winter, of course, but we all were quite excited. It also helped me remember why I’m not eager to move back to Iowa.

    My best to you and your students. I’ll be eager to see what’s on the schedule for the New Year.

    • iateacher said

      I’m glad you have been enjoying it. The reason we missed school yesterday was ICE. I broke a hunk off my driveway and measured it at an inch and a half!! Yuck! Then I was visiting my nephew (5 years old) and fell down the stairs and sprained my foot so I’m hobbling along now, but at least I’m not on crutches!!

      Stay tuned for the rest of our exciting school year!!

  2. eager said

    I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope can get some advice from iateacher haw to improve my English in writting and speaking. Tq

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