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Classroom News – October 2011

Posted by iateacher on September 30, 2011

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

I can’t believe it’s the last day of November already!  Time seems to fly.  October brings a LOT of important things in my science classroom so, let’s get to them!

First, you have probably already read this in a previous post, but we will be taking our “Introduction to Science” unit test on Friday, October 7.  The online sample test is posted on my web site and there is a list of what to study in my previous post.

Once we are done with Introduction to Science we will start our unit on Cells, the Brain and the Eye.  We will start by learning about life processes and the parts of the cell.  After this we will begin learning about the parts of the brain and how our amazing brain works.  At some point in October we will be doing our first dissection!  This will be our sheep brain.  Please be advised that students are NOT required to touch the brain, however, I would like them to take part in the dissection and at least watch if they are uncomfortable touching it.  After our dissection of the brain we will learn the part of the eye and how the eye works.  Finally, we will dissect a sheep eye as well.  The eye dissection probably won’t take place until November, but that all depends on how quickly we progress through the first part of the unit.

Another exciting thing happening is that students are earning those SPEAR awards and some of my students have enough to become “Teacher of the Class”.  When students accumulate 25 SPEAR awards they may choose to teach a class for a period.  I am very excited about having some of my students teach.  It’s proven that we remember 95% of what we teach to others so I think this is a very valuable experience.  Not only that but students learn exactly what teachers deal with day to day!  Many a student has said to me after teaching “That was HARD!”, but they also seem to have a good time with it as well.

Well, that about sums up October in Mr. Yeringtons’ class!  As always if you have any questions give me a call or shoot me an e-mail!

Mr. Yerington

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Intro to Science Test – 2011

Posted by iateacher on September 28, 2011

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

For those who haven’t heard yet, the test over Introduction to Science will take place next Friday, October 4.  There is an online sample test available on my web site and below is a list of what to study for the test!


  • volume
  • quantitative observation
  • qualitative observation
  • prediction
  • inference
  • hypothesis
  • variable
  •  manipulated variable
  •  responding variable
  • scientific theory
  • scientific inquiry

Know the five SKILLS of a good scientist (and what each one means)

Know the four ATTITUDES of a good scientist (and again, what they mean)


  • What number the SI system is based on
  • What is the standard unit of length
  • What is the standard unit of mass
  • What is the standard unit of temperature
  • What tools are used to measure length, mass, and temperature
  • Difference between mass and weight


  • Estimation (what is it — why we use it)
  • Averages
  •       Mean
  •       Median
  •       Mode
  • Graphs — how to read, interpret and make one


  • Earth and Space Science
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science

LAB SAFETY — what to do in case of an accident

Hope that helps everyone start studying!!
Mr. Yerington

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Classroom News – September 2011

Posted by iateacher on September 4, 2011

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

I can’t believe September is here already, but I can feel it in the air.  I am enjoying the cooler weather!  I was able to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows!!  Now if I could just get the neighborhood dogs to stop barking all night!

Anyway, I can’t PROMISE I will keep up on classroom news, but I am going to try to post a little something every month.  So, enjoy this first edition.

We are off to a great start in science this year.  So far most of the students are doing very well at turning in their homework!  I am hoping that continues.  We are working on our first unit which is an introduction to science.  As your child may have told you they are not allowed to take the textbooks home, but I do give them a page of notes for each section.  They can use these notes to complete the homework and stay for quizzes and the final test.

Speaking of the final test….  I’m not 100% sure when that will be yet, but I am thinking sometime by the end of this month or first of October (probably closer to the first of October since we have some Langwood days in there as well…)  I will make sure to post some information as it gets closer.

When we finish our Introduction to Science unit we will move on to Cells, the Brain and the Eye.  This is where our “famous” brain and eye dissections will take place.  More information about that in my October classroom news!

Well, that about sums up this month. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call!


Mr. Yerington

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