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About this Blog

Just so everyone kind of knows what is going on. My plans for this blog are to help keep everyone updated. I have a weekly assignment page, ( here) but as many of you know, things do change. So, the first way I will be using this is to alert you to changes on that page. For example, if we don’t get as far as I think we will on a given day and I DO NOT give the assignment listed I will post an update.

In addition, another use for the blog will be to alert you to upcoming quizzes and or tests and what the students need to study for that particular quiz or test.

Finally, I will be letting you know about school events that will be coming up, for example, our annual trip to Langwood.

If I think of other ways to use the blog, I’ll do that to!!

Let me know if you are enjoying it and what else you would like to see!

Mr. Yerington

3 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. What a great idea – my wife is a teacher and I often try to convince her to move more classroom resources online. I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on how helpful this blog has been.

  2. Science Teacher said

    what grade do you teach?

  3. iateacher said

    @ Science Teacher

    I teach sixth grade

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