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Classroom News – January 2012

Posted by iateacher on January 24, 2012

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

Well, once again I find myself behind on updating the blog.  Sorry about that!  I meant to do a post right after winter break and that didn’t happen!  Anyway, here’s what’s been happening and what’s coming up in Mr. Yerington’s science classroom.

We just finished up with our Levers and Pulleys projects.  I think it was a lot of fun and gave the students a chance to explore a topic they were interested.  Most of the groups did SUPER on both their project (working together in class) and their presentation.  Speaking of which, a little explanation on the grading of those projects might be in order.

First, students received a “project” grade.  This came from three areas.  a) The teacher – I kept track of how often students were “on-task” in class.  I tried to get around to each student at least three times each day.  I then gave them 5 points if they were on task every time I checked, 3 points if they were on task 2 out of 3 times and 1 point if they were on task 1 time.  Then at the end of the work time in class I figured the grades like any other.  b)  The student themselves – each student wrote down what they did to help their group and then assigned themselves a grade based on what they did.  I was very pleased because it seemed the students were VERY honest with themselves as well as me!  c)  Their group – each student also graded the other members of their group.  Again, they had to justify the grade telling me what the students did or did not do to deserve the grade.  The teacher grade, student grade and group grades were then averaged to arrive at a final grade.

Second, the students received a presentation grade.  This was based on a rubric I gave the students before we started the project.  I graded them on participation, factual content, grammar and punctuation, evidence of learning, and presentation skills.  The presentation grade was the same for each member of the group.

And now – coming up…

We will be starting mixtures and solutions next.  Students have been asked to bring their own goggles or safety glasses if possible.  There will be some available for those that do not have their own, but if students invest in a pair now they will have them all three years of middle school.  In mixtures and solutions we will be learning what mixtures and solutions are,  and how to make them and take them apart.  Then we will move into the concept of saturation and will test several chemicals to find out how soluble they are in water.  Next we’ll move into concentration and find out how concentration effects solutions.  Finally we will spend a little bit of time on chemical reactions.

That just about sums up what’s going on.  As always if you have questions or comments please let me know!


Mr. Yerington


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