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Levers and Pulleys Test – 2011

Posted by iateacher on December 7, 2011

Attention Parents, Guardians and Students:

We are almost done with our Levers and Pulleys unit.  The final test will take place next Friday, December 16.  First, there is an online version of the test which you can access here.  Second, the following items will help guide you (or your student) in what to study:


  • lever
  • lever arm
  • load
  • fulcrum
  • effort
  • spring scale
  • Newton
  • diagram
  • advantage
  • pulley
  • simple machine


  • Be prepared to correctly read a spring scale
  • Be prepared to correctly diagram one or more lever systems (using the proper symbols)
  • Be able to correctly diagram several real-world levers with the load, fulcrum and effort symbols and direction of force
  • Be able to tell which pulley systems WILL and WILL NOT provide the user with an advantage by reducing the effort
  • Be able to calculate the effort needed to lift a load in a particular pulley system
  • Know how far one must pull the rope in order to move the load specified distance
  • Be able to identify pulley systems that WILL and WILL NOT work properly
  • Explain how to load a large boulder into a truck using a lever and a pulley (separately – not together…)

If students have questions about any of the following I encourage them to see me BEFORE the test day for help!  We will review on Thursday using the SMART Response system!


Mr. Yerington

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