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Mid-Summative Exam #3 Tomorrow – Daily Science Quiz Wednesday

Posted by iateacher on April 20, 2009

Attention Parents, Guardians and Students:

I have been forgetting to update my blog!  Shame on me.  Anyway, we will be taking Mid-Summative Exam #3 tomorrow.  We are reviewing today, and here is a list of things to study:

  • Be able to identify luminous items in the solar system
  • Know which direction Earth rotates on it’s axis
  • Be able to draw how light leaves a luminous object and illuminates and opaque sphere
  • Be able to calculate local noon (sun transit) when given sunrise and sunset times (see my previous post for a web site that will help practice this)
  • Be able to explain how it can be on time on the west coast and a different time on the east coast
  • Be able to calculate what time it is on one coast given the time on another

Also, Wednesday we will take Daily Science Quiz #12 and students should have noted which questions will be on that quiz


Mr. Yerington

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