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Mealworm Test

Posted by iateacher on January 26, 2009

Attention parents and guardians:

We are done with our mealworm unit.  We will be taking the test this Wednesday, January 28.  The following items are on the test:


  • egg
  • pupa
  • larva
  • life cycle
  • metamorphosis
  • scientific method
  • Know the three MAIN parts of a mealworm
  • Be prepared to label ALL the parts of a mealworm
  • Be prepared to draw and label the life cycle of a mealworm
  • Be able to list several of the eight points of a good experiment
  • Know what mealworms eat
  • Know how long it takes for the eggs to hatch
  • Know what a mealworm turns into
  • What color is a mealworm after shedding it’s skin the final time
  • What conditions are necessary for a mealworm to develop through the four stages
  • Be able to critique an example experiment
  • There is also an online test ready to go.  (See my previous post right here)


    Mr. Yerington

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