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Mixtures and Solutions Test Next Week

Posted by iateacher on December 8, 2008

Hello to all,

I wanted to get this posted now, although there may be a few minor changes after I meet with my counterparts from Central this afternoon.  I will add any changes in a new color or bold type or something of the sort.  Anway, depending on the weather and the number of snow days, I plan to give the test over Mixtures and Solutions next Wednesday, December 17, 2008.  Here is a list of points to study:


Students should know the meanings of the following vocabulary words:

  • mixture
  • solution
  • solvent
  • diatomaceous earth
  • NaCl
  • evaporate
  • crystals
  • properties
  • compound
  • solubility
  • concentration
  • precipitate
  • solute


Students need to know:

  • the three ways we separated mixtures in class
  • what happens to a liquid when it evaporates
  • how to determine if a given chemical forms a solution
  • how to tell if a solution is saturated
  • some ways salt is used today
  • the two ways salt is obtained
  • how to determine the total weight of a solution given

Also, there is an online test that students can take on my web site.  I hope that helps everyone get a head start on studying.  The test is worth about 51 points at this time.  If we change anything that may add or subtract points, but I will update that as well!  Also, students should be making sure there notebooks are up to date.  The table of contents is right here.


Mr. Yerington

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