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Study Guide for Cells, Brain and Eye Test

Posted by iateacher on October 23, 2008

Hello Parents, Guardians and Students:

Below you will find the list of what students should know for the Cells, Brain and Eye test.  The test will be on Friday, October 31.



  • cell
  • nucleus
  • cerebrum
  • cerebellum
  • medulla
  • synapse
  • neuron
  • pupil
  • cornea
  • life processes


  • know the three main parts of the brain
  • know what the pupil does in bright light vs. dim light
  • know the types of nerve cells
  • know that reflex actions protect the body from harm
  • know why the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa
  • be able to draw a pair of neurons and properly label the parts
  • be able to label a diagram of the eye
  • be able to label a diagram of the brain
  • be able to label a diagram of a cell (plant or animal) and identify which type it is

Also, the test IS available online here

Since I don’t have a way of finding out how many students are taking my online test I have this survey if you or your student could answer it….


Mr. Yerington

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