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Cell Drawings Assigned Today

Posted by iateacher on September 25, 2008

Attention parents and guardians:

All of my science classes DID receive the assignment to draw a plant and an animal cell today.  The drawings must be colored and labeled.  The following items MUST be included in the drawings:

  • cell membrane
  • cell wall
  • chloroplasts
  • vacuole
  • nucleus
  • chromosomes
Please note that this assignment is not due until Tuesday, September 30 because with Langwood going on that is the next time I will see ALL of my students.  Therefore I expect EVERYONE to have it done on time.  Students were told that if they did not have it done they would receive a teacher detention!  
One good source of help they can use is their Sciencesaurus book, topics 77 and 78.  They could also use the internet.  When you type in “Plant cell” or “animal cell” into one of the many search engines out there you will find TONS of cell pictures
Mr. Yerington

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