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Earth Science Test

Posted by iateacher on May 15, 2008

Attention Parents, Guardians and Students:

This is to let you know that the LAST TEST of the year will be on THURSDAY, MAY 22!!  The test covers Earth Science and below are some items that students should study.  There will be an online test published later (sometime next week) and when that is done I will post the link here!

Students need to know (in no particular order)

  • They types of stress placed on rocks and what they can do to the rock
  • The types of faults
  • They types of earthquake waves and their properties
  • The types of damages done by earthquakes
  • The instruments used by geologists to monitor earthquakes and faults
  • The three main scales used to measure the strength of an earthquake
  • Why we can’t predict earthquakes
  • The difference between focus and epicenter
  • What the Ring of Fire is

Students should also be prepared to :

  • Label the major tectonic plates
  • List the types of plate boundaries
  • List the layers of the Earth
  • List the evidence used to support the theory of continental drift

Good luck!!  I hope all my students study hard since this is the LAST test and their LAST chance to help their grade!


Mr. Yerington

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