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Space Test

Posted by iateacher on February 25, 2008

Attention Everyone:

Our final unit test for space is coming up!  The test will be next Tuesday, March 4, 2008.  Below are items that students should study.  There will also be a sample test posted on my web site sometime this week.

Students should know:

    • waxing
    • waning
    • absolute magnitude
    • apparent magnitude
    • galaxy
    • sphere
    • solar system
    • meteor
    • meteorite
    • asteroid
    • constellation
    • nebula
    • axis
    • comet
    • ellipse
  •  CONCEPTS (The following will be multiple choice)
    • Why do we see the same side of the moon all the time
    • What is the shape of the orbits of most comets
    • What causes day and night
    • What causes seasons
    • What is a light year
    • Where the asteroid belt is located
    • One of the conditions required for life on Earth
    • How long is Earth’s rotation
    • What is distinctive about Jupiter
    • How long does one revolution around the sun take
    • What type of galaxy is the Milky Way
    • When can a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse occur
    • What theory astronomers use to describe the formation of the universe
    • How scientists think the Moon formed
  •  COMPLETION (Students must fill in the blanks)
    • What is Jupiter’s red spot
    • Ancient astronomers thought that all celestial objects revolved around what?
    • Why can we see the moon?
    • How many hours does it take for Earth to rotate on it’s axis
    • What is the term for the times when there are equal hours of day and night
    • Which planet has a density less than water?
    • What are the round pits on the moon called?
    • What force pulls the moon toward the Earth
  •  OTHER
    • Students need to put the phases of the moon in order (given diagrams)
    • Students need to label the planets and some other objects from the solar system

 Thanks and good luck students (STUDY HARD)!!!!

Mr. Yerington

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