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Science Assignment for Today

Posted by iateacher on January 31, 2008

This was NOT listed on my weekly assignment page, but I will add it after typing this post. 

Students were given an assignment today.  It is page 64 in their book and they are to answer questions 1-15.  They WILL have time in class to get started (and many should finish — my first class had 22 minutes to work on it).

If they do NOT finish they can do one of the following:

  • come in during homeroom to use a book and get finished
  • access their book online
  • as a LAST RESORT they may come check out a book, but I have told them if they do this and do not return the book tomorrow they will be assigned a detention.


Mr. Yerington

One Response to “Science Assignment for Today”

  1. John Croft said

    Tried to sign your guest book but didn’t have any luck with the 6 symbol code.
    I try to keep track of space news and ended up on your moons of jupiter assignment page.
    Other Comments: I am an almost retired teacher. I do some subbing and work on a web page that you might be able to use.

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