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Materials for Mealworm Lab

Posted by iateacher on January 8, 2008

Attention parents and guardians:

There will be a few days when students will need to provide some materials for their mealworm unit.  I have outlined these so that you can be aware in case they “forget” to tell you.

First, this FRIDAY, January 11 — they will need something with which to construct a small maze for their mealworms.  Some items that have been used in the past were cardboard, wood scraps, Legos, popsicle or craft sticks, etc.

 Secondly, next TUESDAY, January 15 the students will need some foods for their mealworms.  The only thing they CANNOT bring is citrus fruits because the citric acid will kill the mealworms!

Finally, on WEDNESDAY, January 16, students will need to bring anything they need for their own choice of experiments.  I can’t be any more specific than that, because each group has to create their own experiment and figure out what materials they need to sucessfully conduct that experiment


Mr. Yerington

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