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Top Ten Science Scores

Posted by iateacher on November 30, 2007

Hi everyone,

I decided to try something new.  It’s an idea I stole  borrowed 🙂 from another teacher.  Basically, what I am going to do is each week (if I have time) I will figure out the top ten percentage scores in my science classes and post them on my web site.  They will also be posted in my room as well.  The students will only be identified by student ID number, so you must know your child’s ID number to find out of they are on the list.

I am hoping this will do two things.  1) It will give some recognition to those students who work really hard all the time and never really get recognized for their hard work.  and 2) It might motivate some students to work harder to get on the list.

Oh yes, some very detail-oriented folks might notice that there may be MORE than ten students on the list — this is because when there are ties for that percentage I post ALL students who earned that percentage — have to be fair, right!

You can visit the list here


 Mr. Yerington

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