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Parent/Teacher Conference Update

Posted by iateacher on November 5, 2007

I have been informed that my schedule for both Thursday evening and Friday morning is COMPLETELY BOOKED!  I apologize for those of you who have tried to schedule conferences and have been unsuccessful.   There is a  * chance *  that I will be able to fit a few people in, but I can’t promise that.  However, if you would like to have a conference with me below are some possibilities:

  • Contact me via e-mail and ask me any specific questions you may have.  I will respond as soon as possible with details on how your child is doing, their current grades, etc.
  • Call the school and leave a message if I am teaching.  I will call you back and we can do a phone conference.
  • If you happen to seem me out and about (Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, Fareway, etc) we can chat there
  • Call and we can set something up for sometime after the “official” conference times.

Thank you!

Mr. Yerington 

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