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Forums is now Message Board

Posted by iateacher on October 18, 2007

Hello parents, guardians and students:

On my web site I had a link to my “discussion forums” — these were rarely used, although they were read quite a bit.  I have moved that idea to a new spot.  You can now find my new message board here.  I would like to encourage those of you who visit my web site to also visit the message board and help make it as sucessful as my web site and this blog.  It’s kind of boring to only read posts from ME, so I’d like everyone to help out if you can.  Parents, guardians, students, other teachers, and even those of you who find it by accident can post.  Tell me what you like, what else you want to see or just a good thought!  All I ask is that you keep it clean and respectful.  I can and will block user names and/or IP addresses with this board. 


Mr. Yerington

PS — I’ve added the link to my blogroll also!

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