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Cell Drawing Today and Cell Quiz Tomorrow

Posted by iateacher on October 11, 2007

Greetings Parents and Guardians

 Today the students will be taking Daily Science Quiz #3 — they will be able to use their daily science papers on the quiz.  After the quiz their assignment is to draw and label a plant and an animal cell.  If they do not finish in class that assignment will be due tomorrow (Friday, October 12)

Also, there will be a short quiz over cells tomorrow.   Here is what the students should study:

  • What is a cell?
  • What are life processes?
  • Be prepared to name some of the life processes (there are 6 all together)
  • Be able to match the following cell structures with their function
    • cell wall
    • cytoplasm
    • nucleus
    • vacuole
    • cell membrane
    • chromosome


Mr. Yerington

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