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Update on Online Textbooks

Posted by iateacher on September 26, 2007

UPDATE:  I found out this morning that the online system does NOT allow spaces, so please change the user name to last name_first initial.  Also, if your child has short names they may have to use two letters from their first name because the system doesn’t accept less than six characters!   

Now that our Langwood days are over things can get back to ‘normal’. Tomorrow, September 27, each of my students will receive a letter detailing how to go online to our textbook company (Prentice Hall) and set up a user name and password. This will then allow them to access their textbook online.

Please keep in mind that we would like ALL user names to be consistent, so I am asking students to use last name and first initial.  So, Bob Jones’ user name should be jones b

Also, you will need to get the access code off of my letter — I cannot  post it here because then  anyone reading my blog could access the books and the company would not look to kindly on this!

If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to answer them!


Mr. Yerington

9 Responses to “Update on Online Textbooks”

  1. The site is cool

  2. The site was a good idea

  3. iateacher said

    Glad you like it! Study hard.

    Mr. Y

  4. chasee said

    how do you look at the book ???

  5. iateacher said


    I assume you figured it out since you are registered, but just in case:

    1) Go to
    2) Click on register
    3) Enter the access code from the letter I gave you
    4) Create your user name and password
    5) Log in with your user name
    6) You should see your book and on the left is a table of contents to click on whatever section you want

    Hope that helps

    Mr. Yerington

  6. Hailey said

    I’m tring to log on to the textbook but I forgot my user name What should I do?

  7. iateacher said


    Ummm, well, since we aren’t even using that book anymore, I’m not sure why you want to log on to it, but your user name is your last name_first name…….

    Mr. Yerington

  8. Makenzie Solis & Sammi Hayes said

    Mr. Y… What is are pin for checking are grades?..

  9. iateacher said

    @ Makenzie and Sammi

    Guys, I don’t post your PIN online because that is private and personal information. If someone had that number it would be much more likely they would be able to view your grades online. So, if you want your PIN number, and have lost the paper I gave you with it on, you will have to ask me at school.


    Mr. Yerington

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