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Posted by iateacher on May 11, 2007

Hi everyone,

 We have finished our Mixtures and Solutions unit and are getting ready for a test.  It looks like I will be reviewing with the students on Monday, May 14 and the test will actually be on Tuesday, May 15.  See below for a list of what students need to know!


Students should know the meanings of the following vocabulary words:

  • mixture
  • solution
  • cubic centimeter (cc)
  • diatomaceous earth
  • NaCl
  • evaporate
  • crystals
  • properties
  • compound
  • solubility
  • concentration
  • precipitate


Students need to know:

  • the three ways we separated mixtures in class
  • what happens to a liquid when it evaporates
  • how to determine if a given chemical forms a solution
  • how to tell if a solution is saturated
  • some ways salt is used today
  • the two ways salt is obtained
  • how to determine the total weight of a solution given the weights of each component

This is a 51 point test so I am really encouraging students to study and do their best.  This close to the end of the school year I would hate to see grades drop because of lack of studying.  I  know right now most students would rather be outdoors, but please encourage your child to do their best!!


Mr. Yerington

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