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New Web Site Feature: Discussion Forum

Posted by iateacher on May 7, 2007

Hi everyone,

OK, being the techno-geek that I am, I have added yet another feature to my web site.  You can now find my new discussion forum on the main page.  Here, you can post questions to other students or parents, myself, or whatever.  You can discuss what you like about my web site, what you want added, ask questions about homework, etc.  I think it could be a lot of fun once people start using it.

I do need to mention, however, that for students who use the forum — PLEASE keep things appropriate.  I will be receiving an e-mail every time someone posts and I will be checking out what is posted.  I do NOT want anyone using profanity, bullying other users, or posting answers to homework.  Helping someone is one thing, but cheating is another.  Whether it is my class or someone else’s – if you are giving or getting answers I will delete your post, possibly ban your IP address, and if necessary turn in your cheating post to whatever teacher it involves. 

I created this to be a fun way to communicate, let’s keep it that way!!


Mr. Yerington

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