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New Web Site Feature

Posted by iateacher on April 11, 2007

Hi everyone,

 I just now found out that I can do something pretty cool.  I can post a practice test for social studies online!!  I realize this is  a nice time to realize this since it’s almost the end of the year, but I had no idea that my test editor had the feature.  So, from now on you can look for a link to my practice tests!!  They will contain about the same material as the real test, but in a different order and with the answer choices scrambled.  After taking the practice test the system will tell the student how many they got right and their percentage.  It also give them a reference to the page number in the book where they an find the answer!  (this is marked as REF on the web page.)

You can find the link to the Chapter 3 test on my main page right now

Enjoy and I hope this helps improve test grades!

Mr. Yerington

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