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The Gateway Arch

Posted by iateacher on April 8, 2007

OK, this post really has nothing to do with the National Science Teacher’s Conference. It DOES however have to do with St. Louis. After the conference my family went down to St. Louis and were able to do some of the things I didn’t get to do when I was there. This includes the St. Louis Zoo and the Arch. I’ve included a few pictures of the arch. If you go I would encourage you to buy your tickets to the arch online before you go!! I didn’t do that when I went to the conference and therefore did not get to go then. My sister and I ordered our tickets online when the family went and it saved us a LONG wait in line!! I’ve added a link to my blogroll for the Gateway Arch in case you are interested. Anyway, on to the pictures. In the 2nd picture be sure to check out the foreground and you will see the Millenium Hotel where I stayed during the conference. In the background (on the left) is the stadium where the Cardinals play (that’s for you NH) You can click on any of the pictures for the larger version!

The Gateway ArchHere you can see the Arch from a distance

Arch Height SignHere is the sign stating the height of the arch

Arch View 1Check out the Millenium Hotel and the stadium where you can see the Card’s play!

Arch View 2Another view out the arch windows

Arch View 3One more view!!

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