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Day Three of the NSTC

Posted by iateacher on March 31, 2007

I totally cannot believe that this is day three and that tomorrow we will be heading back to Muscatine. It will be nice to see my family, but I have had SO much fun here in St. Louis. I don’t know if anyone from GPC will be reading my blog, but since they helped sponser this trip I want everyone to know that I appreciate it!! Thanks GPC!! I have learned so much these few days and I’m ready to try some new things in class when I return.

Now, on to my activites today. I started off the day at a “Share-A-Thon” which is basically a bunch of teachers from all over who share one of their favorite lessons. At this one, each teacher gave a brief run-down of their lesson and then we got to take home a CD containing the lesson as well as any templates we might need in order to do the lesson. It was pretty cool.

From there I went to a class on using online resources. Again, great class. Some of what the instructors talked about I already do like posting assignments and grades, and using a blog. They also use discussion forums, online chats, and podcasting. I am going to have to check out some of the software they had and see if I can add more stuff to my own web site.

Next I had a class that really wasn’t as good so we won’t go into details! 🙂 I then attended “Physical Science ‘Quickies'” which was several teachers presenting some very quick physical science demonstrations. Again, something I may have to try.

It stormed pretty good here so we ate at one of the restaurants right here in our hotel so we didn’t have to get wet!!

Well, that sums up my day — tomorrow’s post will be quite a bit shorter since I will only be taking two sessions before we had for home!

Mr. Yerington

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