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Day One of the National Science Teacher’s Conference

Posted by iateacher on March 30, 2007

Hi parents and students

I thought I would fill you in on what’s been going on here at the NSTA Convention in St. Louis, Missouri!

Today, Mrs. Martinez and I along with two teachers from Central Middle School all went on a course entitled “Up the Mississippi River.” I have to tell you, the word AWESOME does not begin to decribe what it was like!! We learned a lot about the history and ecology of the river, got to get “up close and personal” with some BIG fish, and we even got to enter the lock and dam here! It was great. I have some pictures for your viewing pleasure! The course was put on by Living Lands and Water which was founded by Chad Pregracke from the Quad Cities area. I’ve added a link to his web site in my blogroll so be sure to check it out. It will tell you a whole list of things Chad and his crews have pulled out of the river! Pretty amazing stuff!

Well, I was GOING to post pictures, but something is wrong with my blog and they come up as little squares with question marks inside!! Rather pointless I guess. So, until I hear back from my blog provider the pictures are out. Sorry!! ūüė¶

OK, here are the pictures — finally!!

Tammy BeckerThis is Tammy Becker from Living Lands and Waters talking to all of us.

PaddlefishThis is a big paddlefish that came right out of the Mississipi River

Pelicansand this is a BIG groups of pelicans flying around the lock we went into

Big CarpHere we have a HUGE (80+ POUND) Carp that was pulled out of the water the day before we went on this tour

Mrs. Martinez and Mr. Yeringtonand here is Mr. Yerington and Mrs. Martinez on the boat!

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