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Planet Quiz and Unit Test: Space

Posted by iateacher on March 26, 2007

My students have a quiz and a test coming up this week.  Read on for the details!


Students will be taking the Planet quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) — they filled out a planet fact table over the last couple of weeks and should have highlighted all the important facts from that table.  In case they forgot what to highlight the following items will be on the test:

  • Mercury — size and orbital period
  • Venus — named for what?
  • Mars — named for what and it’s nickname
  • Jupiter — size and what the great red spot is
  • Saturn — what the rings are made of
  • Uranus — what it’s atmosphere is made of
  • Neptune — named for what

Finally, students need to be able to name the planets IN ORDER from the sun


The unit test over space will be Thursday, March 29.  Students should study the following:

  • ALL vocabulary words in their “My Space Vocabualary Booklet”  (There are 23)
  • Why was the measurement for an AU chosen
  • How long it takes for light from a certain star to reach Earth (Light Years)
  • Constellations
  • Star magnitudes (which is the brightest)
  • Star life cycles
  • The name of our galaxy
  • Shapes of other galaxies

 Students will also have to list three other facts they learned that are NOT on my test.


Mr. Yerington

One Response to “Planet Quiz and Unit Test: Space”

  1. thomas keller said

    lokking for studying for test twommaro and cant find so me out of luck

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