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Social Studies Assignment (NOT listed on Weekly Assignment Page)

Posted by iateacher on January 11, 2007

Hi all,

 I gave a social studies assignment today that was NOT listed on my weekly assignment page.  It wasn’t listed because I couldn’t rememeber exactly when I give this assignment from year to year!  😉 

The assignment is to create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the natural resources of the three regions of Latin America.  (Mexico and Central America, The Caribbean, and South America)

In case you are not familer with a Venn diagram you can click the picture below to see what it is.  The students list the resources that are unique to each region in their own circle, but the ones that are common between two or all three regions go in one of the intersecting areas. 

venn.gif(click for larger view)


Mr. Yerington

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