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Brain and Senses Test Coming Up

Posted by iateacher on December 18, 2006

This Thursday (December 21) students in all my science classes will be taking the test over the brain and senses unit.  This is a 41 point test and I have been encouraging students NOT to wait until Wednesday night to study.  I will have a review session for them on Wednesday, however they should be studying already to make sure they earn a good grade. 

Some important things for them to study are as follows:

  • Recognize the following terms and definitions:  structure, function, rods, cones, neuron, cerebellum, cerebrum, nucleus, and medulla
  • Know what causes the blind spot
  • Know what happens to the pupil under varying light conditions
  • Know the two parts of the eye that act as a lens
  • Be able to write the three main parts of the brain
  • Know the two types of nerve cells
  • Be able to explain why the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa
  • Be able to DRAW (sketch) a pair of neurons
  • Be able to label major parts of the eye and the brain

That’s about all — students also need to be prepared to write down three more things they learned that were not on my test.


Mr. Yerington

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