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Adopt-A-Senior Activity (5th period ONLY)

Posted by iateacher on December 4, 2006

I’m not sure how many of you check my blog if you only have a student in my homeroom, but I thought I would post this and find out!

We are in the midst of our annual sixth grade adopt-a-senior activity.  We have done this for longer than I have been working here at West.  It’s a great way to help make someone else’s Christmas just a little bit brighter.  Here’s how it works:  Your student MAY come home with an index card on which will be an item for them to purchase.  The student then brings it back to me and we put it under my Christmas tree until the week before break.  Then myself and the other three teachers that teach math and science deliver the goods to our senior citizen.  Please be aware that participation in COMPLETELY voluntary.  If your child brings home a card and you feel that you can’t purchase the item that’s fine.  Send it back and I will put it back for someone else to take. 

I think your for your generosity and feel free to contact me with any questions


Mr. Yerington

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