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Upcoming Quizzes for Science

Posted by iateacher on December 1, 2006

There will be two quizzes in science next week.  The dates are tentative, but here are the details:

 Monday, December 4 — Daily Science Quiz #4 (Students may use their Daily Science papers #28-30, 31-33, & 34-36)

Wednesday, December 6 — Mid-Summative Exam #4 — Students should be able to answer the following:

  • Know how to find the average of a given list of numbers
  • Know why a scientist would want to use averages rather than just one person’s data to draw a conclusion
  • Know why we turn our heads when we want to see something in greater detail
  • Know what causes the blind spot in our field of vision
  • Know the differences between rods and cones

We WILL review all of this information the day before the quiz


Mr. Yerington

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