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Camera Obscura Lab – Corrections Will Be Allowed!

Posted by iateacher on November 8, 2006

Hi parents and students,

I just finished checking the lab sheets over the camera obscura and I just have to say “Whoa! Not good!” I was pretty well shocked. So, I’m here to say, DON’T PANIC!! Because so many students made mistakes I am going to do something I don’t always do.

This Friday after the Mid-Summative Exam #3 we will go over the lab sheet in class. At that time, any student who is not satisfied with their grade may choose to fix their mistakes as I go over it. I will then give the students half of the points they missed back.

I really think the students are learning this material — I just think they are having a tough time putting a full, complete and accurate answer in writing. So, that is what we will work on Friday and in weeks to come.


Mr. Yerington

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