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Posted by iateacher on October 23, 2006

Wow, I guess it’s been about a month since I posted my last article for news, so I better get on it!!


We continue our study of the human brain and senses.  The pig eye dissection really seemed to be a hit with most of the students.  I think they learned a lot more from this hands on activity than just hearing me drone on about the parts of the eye!  We will now go into lenses and how they can correct vision.  From there we study the retina and how it sends image signals to the brain to be processed.  This, of corse, leads us into the brain and how it handles the millions of signals sent to it every second!!  At some point during the brain investigations we will do one more dissection, this time of a pig BRAIN.   This generally is another activity enjoyed by most students!

 We will be on the brain and senses for quite awhile yet.  I’m thinking at this point it will take us up until Winter Break – perhaps a bit longer depending on how we progress.


In social studies we are still focusing on the United States and Canada.  Currently we are studying the history of both countries.  After this chapter there will be a research project and writing assignment over a famous Canadian.  This project will be completed with the help of TWO teachers.  I will be coordinating the research aspect and Mrs. Bertotti will handle the writing part. 

After studying history we will get into Cultures of the United States and Canada and then end by exploring three Canadian provinces.

Questions?  E-mail me or call anytime!

Mr. Yerington

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