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Upcoming Science Activity

Posted by iateacher on October 12, 2006


Just want everyone to be aware of an activity that will be taking place in science next week. Since we are studying the brain and senses in this unit we are going to be looking at eyes. One activity the kit calls for is an eye dissection. Through the cooperation of Tyson Foods we will be able to obtain fresh pig eyes for this activity. We will do this next Wednesday and Thursday. (Wednesday will be simply observing the outer structures and then Thursday the actual dissection)

I know that some students can be “squemish” when it comes to doing something like this. However, let me just say that students are not required to touch the eye. If they do not want to do so, I will pair them with someone who is willing to do so. I do however ask that they take a look at it and learn from the experience. It is one thing to talk about the parts of an eye, but quite another to actually get to SEE the parts and how they all fit together and help us see.

With that said, if you are totally against your child participating please have them bring me a note and they can go to the library and view a CD ROM containing footage of a cow eye dissection instead. There will be no penalty on their grade for the alternative assignment, but I would really like students to give it a try.


Mr. Yerington

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