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Geo-Theme for Social Studies Classes

Posted by iateacher on October 2, 2006

The Geo-Theme for my social studies classes listed on the assignment page WAS handed out today. It is Geo-Theme #7-8 and will be due FRIDAY for period 2 and THURSDAY for period 8. Why the different due dates you may ask. Due to 7th grade Fall Fun Day! This event is held annually and is a way for the 7th grade class to bring in some money for their field trips (such as the ski trip that they take). The sixth grade teachers have decided that we will take our 7th period classes out to the Fun Day and have them out until it is over. Therefore, I wil not see my 8th period class on Friday at all.

As I told my 8th hour students — I’m sure that at some point in the year there will be something going on in the morning and my 2nd period class will have to have their assignment turned in a day early! Everything all works out!


Mr. Yerington

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