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Posted by iateacher on September 21, 2006

Welcome to the first edition of my classroom news!  I will try to post about once a month, but when life gets busy who knows!!  Anyway, on to the news!


In science we will be finishing up Ecology soon after everyone gets back from Langwood.  There will (at least at this point) NOT be a final chapter test.  I had to leave some things out this year in order to get our next unit started in time.

Speaking of our next unit, we will be starting that either the last week of September or first week of October.  This unit is on the Brain and Senses and I am VERY excited about it.  I have taught the brain for several years, however, this year we are trying out a kit based approach from FOSS.  The kit includes all the materials, assessments, overhead transparencies, etc.  This unit will take approximately 12 weeks and we are being asked to do the whole thing in order to find out how it works and if it may be something we are interested in adopting for next year.  I will post updates as we begin the unit and try it out.  Please let me know if your student comes home and talks about anything we did and how they liked it as I would like to gather comments during the year!


We are currently studying the United States and Canada.  I tend to put my emphasis on Canada since we live in the United States and hopefully know something about it!  This book will take approximately one third of the school year.  We will be taking map quizzes of Canada starting next Thursday (Sept. 28).  Each student received a map of Canada from me.  I also taught them a couple of phrases that should help them remember most of the provinces and territorries.  Please remind them to study!

During this book we will be teaming up with Mrs. Bertotti to work on a “Famous Canadians” research paper.  Students will select a famous Canadian and write a paragraph nominating that person for the “Canadian Hall of Fame”  Look for more details later!

One last thing concerning social studies — almost every week students will receive a Geo-Theme as homework — they get this on Monday and they are not due until Friday.  So, if your child waits until Thursday to start and then complains about not having enough time – ask them when they got the paper!! 


Mr. Yerington

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