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Posted by iateacher on September 13, 2006

I have posted the first set of grades on my web site. Your child should bring home a letter tomorrow with their student ID number and PIN code on it as well as directions for checking grades. Please be aware that this system is VERY secure. Students at West have either a five or six digit student ID number and my computer assigns them a four digit PIN creating millions of combinations! Not to mention the fact that the PIN number entered MUST match the ID number. Finally, as a final security measure, your child’s name NEVER appears on the report. Their ID number is the only identifier on the page.

With that said, I hope that puts everything into perspective. If you really do not want your child’s grades posted online you can contact me and I will be sure NOT to do so.

For those who DO want to check grades online I also maintain a mailing list. The list will send you a brief e-mail each time I update the grades. (I promise NOT to send 50 a day!! – usually you will receive one, possibly two, each week) If you wish to sign up you can click this link and enter your name and e-mail address. Then simply follow the directions in the e-mail. (You must confirm your e-mail address or you will not receive updates. This is to verify that YOU signed up and not someone else) Also, be sure to add my school e-mail ( to your address book to ensure the messages are not blocked by any spam filters.


Mr. Yerington

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