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Posted by iateacher on September 11, 2006

Once again sixth graders at West will be heading off to Langwood for a day of fun-filled activities. Following are the days that students will attend. More information will follow!!

NOTE — your child will go with their FIRST PERIOD teacher, so the list below shows which teachers go which day — if your child has that teacher first period — that is their day

Thursday, September 21 — Mrs. Soy and Mrs. Bryant (Mrs Hepker will also attend)

Friday, September 22 — Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Carey

Tuesday, September 26 — Mr. Yerington and Ms. Culp

Wednesday, September 27 — Mrs. Chavarria and Mrs. Bertotti (Mrs. Wiebel will also attend)

Let one of the sixth grade teachers know if you have any questions about Langwood!

Also, please note that I will be contacting some of the parents of students in my first period class to act as chaperones — if you are interested e-mail me!!


Mr. Yerington

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