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Posted by iateacher on August 31, 2006

Hello to all! 

Today my students have an assignment to complete their “Student Data Sheet”  (only first period DID NOT get these today)  I just wanted to mention a few things on those to make sure everything is clear.

1.  I would prefer that the students write the names of the parents/guardians that they LIVE with.  (i.e. If biological dad has moved out of state I would prefer they not be listed so that if I call the home I don’t ask for the wrong person)

2.  Work Numbers — I ask for work numbers, but I do not use these as a general rule unless I cannot get someone any other way.  If you DO NOT want me to contact you at work please feel free to note this on the form.

3.  Siblings — students were told they could list step and/or half siblings if they want.  They don’t have to do so, especially if they do not live with them.

I hope that helps make this clear, if you have other questions please feel free to e-mail me at eayering AT (replace the word AT with the @ symbol)


Mr.  Yerington

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